Brand Owner Address Description
BUDDHA BEACH Multisport Industria, Comercio E Representacoes Ltda. Avenida Prefeito Luiz Latorre no. 4860
Jundiai 13209-430
Pants, jackets, shirts, T-shirts, blouses, shorts, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A model's ZMP (full-model's ZMP) is calculated using a dynamic model (inverse full-model) 100c2 that expresses a relationship between a robot movement and floor reaction, a ZMP-converted value of full model's corrected moment about a desired ZMP is calculated or determined based on a difference (full-model ZMP's error) between the calculated model's ZMP and the desired ZMP, whilst a corrected desired body position is calculated or determined. Since the robot posture is corrected by the calculated ZMP-converted value and the corrected desired body position, the corrected gait can satisfy the dynamic equilibrium condition accurately.