Brand Owner Address Description
AMAZON BASICS Amazon Technologies, Inc. Attn: Trademarks
PO Box 8102
Reno NV 89507
Antennas; apparatus for recording, transmission, processing, ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. A computing system incorporating a portable network access point device is disclosed allowing access to mapped network drives through FireWire (1394) or USB. The device contains all the necessary functions to access a network and shared network drives. The hardware has ethernet on one end and USB or FireWire on the other. When connected to a network, this device will attempt to connect to all shared network drives for which it has been programmed. When connected to a computer via USB/FireWire, the computer loads the drivers and maps the listed drives. The computer need not load the entire network stack to access these drives. After a onetime configuration, the technician would be able to access shared drives from any computer without reconfiguring the computer's network settings or drive mappings. The computer system accessing the device through the USB/FireWire port sees a storage device. As seen from the network, however, the device looks like a network card attached to the network.