Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
AE ALIAZ ENTERTAINMENT Bastidas, Heriberto G. 6095 West 19th Avenue
Hialeah FL 33012
Audio cassettes featuring Aliaz Ent.; Audio ...
H.I.T.HITMAN ENTERPRISES INC. 20 06 Hitman Enterprises Inc. 200 nw 120th st
miami FL 33168
Arranging for ticket reservations for shows ...
REP YO BIKE SET Crutchfield, Darryl 9910 South Village Drive Apt. #2
Inglewood CA 90305
Arranging and conducting nightclub entertainment events; ...
YOUNG MONEY ENTERTAINMENT YM Scott Ericka B Young Money Ent.17600W.8Mile Rd#9
Southfield MI 48075
Arranging for ticket reservations for shows ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. A bus bridge for coupling between a first bus and a second bus includes: multiple ticket registers; a ticket dispenser counter; and a ticket call counter. The ticket dispenser counter dispenses a ticket value to a request received at the bridge from the first bus for access to the second bus. This ticket value is held in one ticket register of the multiple ticket registers. The ticket call counter provides ticket call values, and the request is granted access to the second bus when a current ticket call value equals the ticket value dispensed to the request. While the request waits for access to the second bus, the bus bridge can perform work on the request. When request coherency is maintained employing snooping, ticket values assigned to a plurality of requests maintain a snoop response ordering of the requests for access to the second bus.