Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
ANCHORLOCK O'Sullivan Industries, Inc. 1900 Gulf Street
Lamar MO 64759
fastening components for furniture
NEMISYS ESCO Corporation 2141 NW 25th Avenue
Portland OR 97210
Components for buckets on mining, construction, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. In a process for making prefastened and refastenable garments, a discrete article is transported in a primary direction of movement. The discrete article can define a leading half comprising first fastening components, a trailing half comprising second fastening components releasably engageable with the first fastening components, and an interconnecting region disposed between and interconnecting the leading and trailing halves. The leading half can be temporarily diverted from the primary direction of movement, while continuing to transport the interconnecting region and the trailing half in the primary direction. After reestablishing movement of the leading half in the primary direction, the leading half can contact a contoured surface, such as a contoured plate or roll. The contact can cause the first fastening components to be transversely displaced toward one another, whereupon the first and second fastening components can be engaged.