Brand Owner Address Description
BED LAM RJS Trading International Ltd. 1555 Cliveden Avenue, Delta
British Columbia V3M6P7
Duvet covers; pillow shams; bedding sets ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Enhanced wearing comfort and a free-size feature of a hat may be achieved, without deteriorating exterior aesthetical features, when the hat includes a crown portion for being worn on a head of a wearer and an elastic brim formed by a plurality of fabric panels and combined to the crown portion, wherein the elastic brim includes a first fabric panel that is non-elastic and disposed as a most exterior panel among the plurality of fabric panels, a second fabric panel that is elastic and disposed as a most interior panel among the plurality of fabric panels, and sewing stitches combining the first and second fabric panels by sewing them along a circumferential direction in an outer portion of the elastic brim.