Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
DISHMATE Jasco Products Company LLC 10 E. Memorial Road
Oklahoma City OK 73114
external antenna for satellite dishes ...
FONEHUT Surinder Oberoi Colon de Larreategui 37
48009 Bilbao
Mobile phones, public switched telecommunications network ...
GENUS TerreStar Networks Inc. 12010 Sunset Hills Road, Sixth Floor
Reston VA 20190
Electronic handheld data and communication devices, ...
SACOM Sabine Inc. 13301, Hwy 441
Alachua FL 32615
microphones; wireless microphone systems, principally comprising ...
Computer hardware for telecommunications and data ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An electromagnetic wave is transmitted from a signal transmission antenna using a signal transmission IC; this electromagnetic wave is received, after having been reflected by a target object, by signal receiving antennas and signal receiving ICs; and the distance to the target object or the azimuth of the target object is detected by a signal processing section. The signal receiving antennas have approximately the same signal receiving characteristics and directivity in approximately the same direction, and are arranged in a row with a predetermined gap between them, thus constituting an antenna array. The levels of the signals received by these signal receiving antennas are detected by a received signal level detection means, and an external objects adhesion detection means decides that some external objects are adhered to the front surface of the signal receiving antennas, if the dispersion, or the level difference, between the levels of these signals received from the antennas is greater than a predetermined value.