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BUT I HATE SALES Bell III, Christopher 4725 Dorsey Hall Drive, Suite A-107
Ellicot City MD 21042
Educational services, conducting classes, conferences, workshops ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A military ribbon method and apparatus includes a transparent panel that has a front side, a back side, an upper edge, a lower edge, a first side edge and a second side edge. A strap has a first end and a second end. The first end is attached to the bottom edge of the panel. A fastener is adapted for attaching the second end to the front side of the panel. The back side of the panel is placed in abutment with a front surface of a plurality of military ribbons so that the military ribbons are covered by and viewable through the panel. The strap is extended around a rear surface of the military ribbons and the second end of the strap is releasably attached to the front side of the panel so that the panel is secured to the military ribbons.