Brand Owner Address Description
MOM EXPERIENCE Hodgson, Robert 21C Orinda Way
Orinda CA 94563
Charitable services, employment counseling services for ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method and system for analyzing commuting routes. Several items of information are received, including an identifier associated with an individual, an employment location for the individual, a mode of transportation used by the individual to travel to the employment location, and a segment associated with the mode of transportation. The identifier, the employment location, the mode of transportation and the segment are associated. The association is stored as route information. One or more of home location information for the individual, building access data for the individual, indicative information for the individual, and contact information for the individual are accessed. The route information is analyzed in combination with one or more of the home location information, the building access data, the indicative information, and the contact information to determine an impact on the individual of an incident effecting one or more of the employment location, the mode of transportation, and the segment.