Brand Owner Address Description
ELIZABETH DUQUETTE Wilkinson, Hutton P.O. Box 69858
West Hollywood CA 90069
cardboard boxes, paper sacks, paper bags, ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. A sewing machine includes an embroidery stitching data storage storing embroidery stitching data of a plurality of divided patterns with respect to large-size embroidery patterns, a pattern display data storage storing pattern display data for displaying each large-size embroidery pattern in a real image close to an embroidered state, and a display control device reading pattern display data with respect to an appointed large-size embroidery pattern from the pattern display data storage and controls to display an image. The display control device is adapted so that, when each divided pattern constituting the large-size embroidery pattern is subjected to the embroidery stitching, a display is caused to display the pattern display data of the large-size embroidery pattern read from the pattern display data storage and displayed area data indicating the stitching area occupied by each divided pattern in the large-size embroidery pattern in a state being combined with each other.