Brand Owner Address Description
TRACKMYMOBILE LandAirSea Systems, Inc. 2040 Dillard Court
Woodstock IL 60098
Computer application software for mobile phones, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An encapsulating machine includes a pair of offset die rolls with one die roll mounted on slides urged by an adjustable fulcrum spring toward the other die roll. An offset drive coupling between the axle of the die roll and the associated drive shaft allows independent movement of the die axle to compensate for die wear. A split gear between die roll shafts accommodates for backlash and gear wear. Precise pulley-driven timing belts and phase adjusters extend between the die roll drive and a tablet feed roll to synchronize the clocked introduction of tablets onto film of one of the die rolls for encapsulation at the co-acting nip between the die rolls. The die cavities for tablets include a step-cut to improve the sealing of films around the tablets and a circumferential rub rail on opposite edges of each die prevents excessive wear of the die cavity lands.