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GRADO Grado Labs Inc. 4614 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn NY 11220 Electrical phonograph record turntable cartridges, cables, headphones, headphone cushions being structural parts of or for headphones, cartridge stylus needles, amplifiers, audio speakers;The English translation of GRADO is grade, standard or degree.;
IRIS John Yoonsung Park 32 Ildong-ro 200beon-gil Dongan-gu Anyang City 431-061 Republic of Korea Electrical phonograph record turntable cartridges; Phonograph needles; Phonograph record players; Phonograph record sleeves; Phonographic record cleaning kits comprised primarily of replacement stylus needles and also including cleaning solution and brushes;
LP GEAR Starbrands Networks 3024 Via Venezia Henderson NV 89052 electrical phonograph record turntable cartridges [ ; downloadable audio, multimedia files, and digital files, all featuring digitized LP musical and spoken word albums ];online retail store services featuring audio products;GEAR;

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Technical Examples
  1. A robotic turntable drive arrangement in a robotic roller hemming system includes a turntable having a top plate and a lower frame. The top plate is rotatable about the lower frame. The turntable further includes a plurality of lock positions. The arrangement also includes a robot having an arm adapted for engagement with the turntable top plate. Movement of the robot arm while the robot arm is engaged with the turntable top plate rotates the turntable top plate.