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QUIK-PULL ONE-PULL SOLUTIONS WIRE AND CABLE 44 HULL STREET RANDOLPH VT 05060 Electrical and connection cables for control, communication and powering needs;QUICK-PULL;

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Technical Examples
  1. A power feed arrangement for aggregate segments of a communications system is disclosed. In embodiments of the invention, cables are used to communicatively connect a number of landmasses, where the cables also serve to carry electrical power to devices connected along lengths of the cables. A first cable is connected to first and second landmasses, while a second cable is connected to second and third landmasses. On the second landmass, the electrical power conductors of the first and second cables are electrically connected to one another, and pieces of power feed equipment located on said first and third landmasses are used to supply electrical power to devices located along lengths of the first and second cables. Alternative embodiments are also disclosed.