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KEKILO Shenzhen Yongsi Yigou Commerce Co.,Ltd 309,3/F,Chuangye Mansion,Chuangye 2nd Road,Xinan Str.,Baoan Dist. Shenzhen 518000 China earphone cases;The wording KEKILO has no meaning in a foreign language.;
POD MODS LIFEWORKS TECHNOLOGY GROUP 530 7TH AVENUE, 21ST FLOOR New York NY 10018 Earphone cases; Earphone accessories; Accessories for handheld electronic devices, namely, cases, neckbands, ear clips;

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Technical Examples
  1. An earphone jack and a mobile terminal having the same is provided so as to enable a plug to be smoothly inserted into or pulled out of an earphone jack regardless of diameter variations of the plug and the earphone jack without providing an additional part. To this end, an earphone jack comprises a housing having at its center, an insertion hole into which a plug formed at an earphone is inserted, and a slot cut in an upper surface thereof along a direction of insertion of the plug into the insertion hole so that the housing can be elastically deformed in a direction perpendicular to the insertion direction during the insertion of the plug, and a plurality of contact terminals, wherein one side of each contact terminal is disposed inside the insertion groove to contact with each terminal of the plug and the other side thereof is exposed to the outside of the housing to be connected to a circuit component.