Brand Owner Address Description
1234 Creative Bioscience, LLC 4530 South 300 West
5239 Greenpine Drive
Salt Lake City UT 84107
Drinking water containing dietary and nutritional ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An object of this invention is to change room temperature or cooling drinking water to hydrogen rich water that contains hydrogen abundantly simply and efficiently without using an electrolytic device, and a hydrogen rich water generator 2 is provided by filling magnesium grain 4 that generates hydrogen gases by reacting with the drinking water 6 and silver grain 3 into the case 1 made of ceramics of water permeability and porosity. This hydrogen rich water generator 2 together with the drinking water 6 are filled in the vessel 5, and the drinking water 6, magnesium grain 4 and the ceramics and the silver grain 3 are caused to react in the vessel 5 to generate the hydrogen gases, and the drinking water 6 in the vessel 5 is purified by the reaction of the silver grain 3 and is changed to the hydrogen rich water having hydrogen abundantly and anti-bacterial action.