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FREECLOUD Zhuhai Free Cloud Arts Co., Ltd Fushan IndustrialCN
Canvas, canvas for paintings, canvas panels ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The creation method of a dyed drawing includes a step of arranging of a mesh sheet on the surface of the canvas for the dyed drawing, arranging leaves and flowers on the upper surface of a mesh sheet, covering the plant matter with a synthetic resin sheet, creating the dyed drawing on the canvas including pushing the leaves and flowers to the mesh sheet after pressing the synthetic resin sheet with a spatula etc., the pigment of the leaves and flowers outflowing and being adhered to the canvas, and removing the mesh sheet, the leaves and flowers and the synthetic resin sheet which are located on the surface of the canvas for the dyed drawing so the dyed drawing can be created, adhering and transferring the pigment of leaves and flowers of the plant matter to the drawing paper, canvas, etc.