Brand Owner Address Description
CC Candy & Candy Limited Thames House, Portsmouth Road
Esher, Surrey KT109AD
United Kingdom
advertising and marketing services; business management; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A convertible burner for gas-fueled cigarette pocket lighters for use with flint and wheel ignition, the burner including a burner body having a central gas fuel passageway and an air inlet channel in fluid communication with the central passageway and may have a plurality of integrally formed passageways around the periphery of the burner body. An air control structure in the form of a collar is movable to a first position with respect to the burner body to close the air inlet channel and form a post-mix burner for flint and wheel ignition, and to a second position with respect to the burner body to admit air via the air inlet channel to form a pre-mix burner after ignition. The relative movement can be longitudinal or peripheral, and the peripheral movement can be circumferential. In one embodiment, the collar surrounds and is immediately adjacent to the air inlet channel.