Brand Owner Address Description
TUNE IN. STAND OUT. Gamla Enterprises N.A. Inc. 875 Ave. of the Americas, Suite 205 New York NY 10001 docking stations, namely, electronic docking stations; protective carrying cases for portable music players; headsets for mobile phones; audio speakers; loudspeakers; surround sound systems in the nature of audio electronic components; audio equipment, namely, amplifiers, subwoofers, surround sound systems; pre-amplifiers; amplifiers; sound amplifiers; audio amplifiers; stereo players and equipment, namely, stereo tuners, stereo amplifiers; stereo receivers; personal stereos; microphones; electronic cables, namely, audio and video electric cables and cable connectors; portable electronic devices, namely, portable media players, portable DVD players, portable CD players, portable digital audio players, portable digital video players, namely, video disc players, digital media players and digital AV players and related accessories, namely, portable audio speakers, headsets for supporting microphones, microphones, wireless microphones; portable MP3 player; portable MP4 players; protective carrying cases for portable music players; headsets for mobile phones; portable telephones and accessories, namely, cases for cellular telephones, decorative charms for cellular telephones, fitted plastic films known as skins for covering and providing a scratch proof barrier or protection for portable telephones; headphones; electronic devices, namely, televisions, radios, MP3 players, MP4 players, video players and audio players, all with electronic sound elements, namely, for adjusting audio levels of pitch, timber, intensity and duration; digital equipment, namely, digital audio players, digital video players, namely, video disc players, digital audio players for automobiles; Earphone accessories, namely, earphone cushions, earphone pads, cord management systems, earphone cases, and earphone extension cords; Earphones, earphones and headphones;

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. A cassette stocker includes a plurality of cassette storage shelves positioned adjacent a cleanroom wall and vertically disposed relative to a plurality of cassette docking stations, and a cassette mover to carry a cassette between the shelves and the docking stations. An interstation transfer apparatus includes a support beam and a transfer arm adapted to carry a cassette between processing stations.