Brand (click to sort) Owner Address Description
CAMPUSLIVE CampusLIVE, Inc. 2nd Floor South, 9 East Pleasant Street
Amherst MA 01002
Computer services, creating an online community ...
WINEPOURN Kellner, Jamie c/o Koenig & Associates
920 Garden Street, Suite A
Santa Barbara CA 93101
Non-downloadable electronic publications, magazines featuring wine ...
SQURL Mead, Roman Trump Place, Suite 1422
140 Riverside Boulevard
New York NY 10069
Application service provider (ASP) services, hosting ...
PROJEKT KARMA Projekt karma LLC www.projektkarma.org
8047 Forest Dr NE
seattle WA 98115
computer programming services; computer services, hosting ...
ANEWERA The Folsom Project, LLC 26067 Hendrie Blvd.
Huntington Woods MI 48070
Computer services, hosting online web facilities ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. Authenticating a user operating an un-trusted access device includes causing the display, on the un-trusted access device, of a plurality of photographs to the user, at least one of the photographs being from the user's personal photograph collection and already familiar to the user, remaining photographs being decoy photographs, accepting an input selection from the user identifying one of the displayed photographs, and allowing access when the user's selection correctly identifies a sequence of displayed photographs from the user's photograph collection. No user training prior to using the authentication system is needed and no pre-selection of a password or photograph is necessary.