Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
BECOMING #1 DiPiero, Bob 1315 16th Avenue South
Nashville TN 37212
Educational and entertainment services, providing continuing ...
BIG YELLOW DOG MUSIC Big Yellow Dog, LLC Suite 400
3310 West End Avenue
Nashville TN 37203
Music publishing services; consultation and advice ...
BLUEGRASS TODAY Bluegrass Today, LLC 1104 Navaho Drive
Brentwood TN 370278417
Non-downloadable electronic newsletters delivered by e-mail ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The invention is a method and transmission system which transmits an analog composite signal, including carriers which are respectively modulated with different digital data signal. A transmission system in accordance with the invention includes a signal combiner (18), responsive to the digital data signals, which are provided as inputs to the signal combiner, the signal combiner providing an output of a combined digital signal representing combining of the digital data signals; a multiple carrier transmitter (38) which transmits the analog composite signal; a digital to analog converter (20) which converts a composite digital signal input into the analog composite signal, the digital to analog converter having a dynamic range of digital to analog conversion; and a digital scaler (102), responsive to the combined digital signal provided by the signal combiner, which outputs the composite digital signal that is digital to analog converted by the digital to analog converter, the composite digital signal being a function of the combined digital signal provided by the signal combiner and having a controlled magnitude which results in as much of the dynamic range of the digital to analog converter as possible being used during digital to analog conversion of the composite digital signal without clipping the composite digital signal.