Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
BLUEGRASS TODAY Bluegrass Today, LLC 1104 Navaho Drive
Brentwood TN 370278417
Non-downloadable electronic newsletters delivered by e-mail ...
IN THE LIGHT Faith to Vision Films LLC PO Box 553
New York NY 10116
Direction of making radio or television ...
RF Rascal Flatts Entertainment, Inc. Suite 103
2300 Charlotte Avenue
Nashville TN 37203
Entertainment services in the nature of ...
TBP Perry, Neil 3310 West End Avenue, Suite 610
c/o Milom Horsnell Crow Rose Kelley PLC
Nashville TN 37203
Entertainment services in the nature of ...
THE HOLLER FAMERS Home-In-One, LLC 2300 Charlotte Avenue, Suite 103
Nashville TN 37203
Educational and entertainment services, providing a ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. A disclosed authentication instrument is used to authorize various services at a hotel-casino complex, such as but not limited to in-room gaming, in-room sports wagering, room access, safe access, mini-bar access, Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT), player tracking services and in-room entertainment services (e.g., video games and movie channels). A smart card, an electronic token and a magnetic striped card are examples of hardware that may be used as authentication instruments. For in-room gaming, the authentication instrument may be used to authorize, in a secure and legal manner, in-room game play sessions on an entertainment terminal connected to a remote gaming machine.