Brand Owner Address Description
FOTO ยท STAXZ Ocampo, Eric D. 3500 Soltierra Ct.
Bakersfield CA 93311
Address books; Address books and diaries; ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. Memorandum information specific to a user is provided at proper timings by using a portable terminal, without accessing an external apparatus and without a necessity of secure and complicated operations. A portable terminal is equipped with: a storage unit for storing an ontological dictionary and a memorandum list; a memorandum list management unit for reading service item information listed-up in the memorandum list, collating the ontological dictionary, retrieving site location information related to site information from the site information on a site providing a service item, and writing into the memorandum list at least each service item information and the site location information related to the service item information; a current location information acquisition unit for acquiring current location information; and a notification unit for performing matching between the current location information and the site location information in the memorandum list and notifying a use of memorandum information on a service item related to the matched site location information.