Brand Owner Address Description
DASH2IT Development Connections, Inc. 520 Creek Side Drive
Shelbyville KY 40065
Advertising services; Advertising services, promoting ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Even if printing is carried out on an unprinted surface of a print sheet containing confidential information, the confidential information is prevented from leaking out, thereby increasing reuse rate. To achieve this, both print data instructed by a host apparatus and an already printed print sheet have a security level of print contents and manager information on the print matter as print matter attributes. Then, when the print data is printed on an unprinted surface, it is determined whether the print data can be printed on a fed print sheet, from the print matter attributes of the print data and of the print sheet. Further, print sheets are prepared beforehand every print matter attributes and a print sheet to be fed is selected on the basis of the print matter attributes of the print data.