Brand Owner Address Description
599 GTB FERRARI S.P.A. Via Emilia Est, 1163
Automobiles; cars; racing cars; motor cars; ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. In combination with a truck bed a low profile storage box. A storage box having an improved security system which engages the interior exposed side of said truck bed. A storage box which can be constructed to serve various needs with such features as; a removable top, a hinged top, plural or singular hinged hatches, removable hatches, locking top and hatches, electric hatch and tailgate locks, support mechanisms for holding a top or hatch open, suitable weather stripping for the hatches and removable top, fixed or removable interior partitions and drawers, a seal mounted to the front which would engage the interior disposed side of the tailgate, access ports to accommodate wiring and/or piping, plate mounted equipment attached to the top of the storage box, openings and/or hardware to secure a load to the top of the storage box, rollers attached to the interior exposed side of the bottom of the storage box, part of the truck bed original design, formed to fit the contours of the truck bed, or insulated to carry refrigerated goods.