Brand Owner Address Description
BASALTX Pacific-Entermark-VertriebsgesellschaftmbH Porschestr. 4-6
73269 Hochdorf
Racquet sports equipment, racquets for tennis, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The motion damper includes a damper wall, damper stages, and a damper head. The damper wall and damper stages are successively smaller in size and have a nested relationship. The damper wall and damper stages are each flexibly attached to an adjacent damper stage or the damper wall such that the damper stages may deploy in a telescopic fashion away from the damper wall. The damper head is attached to a smallest damper stage. As a result, the damper stages change in position relative to the damper wall and relative to each other to absorb the kinetic energy of objects attached to the damper head and damper wall.