Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
CHARLIE'S HEROES Hyro-gliff c/o Pryor Cashman LLP, 7 Times Square
New York NY 100366569
Providing recognition by way of awards ...
CHEF SURFING Project Surfing Inc. 10815 Birch St
Reno NV 89506
Computer services, creating an interactive online ...
REVOLUTION LEADERSHIP Chisholm, Audrey K. P.O. Box 2189
Orlando FL 328022189
Educational services, conducting classes, programs, retreats, ...
SYMPHONIC LOVE FOUNDATION Graffiti World, LLC 7 Times Square, c/o Pryor Cashman LLP
New York NY 10036
Charitable services, academic mentoring of school ...
TUCSON'S PLACE TO PLAY Pascua Yaqui Tribe 7474 S. Camino De Oeste
Tucson AZ 85746
Casino services; entertainment services, live musical ...
WBCA JALAPEƑO FESTIVAL Washington's Birthday Celebration Association, Inc. 1819 E. Hillside Rd.
Laredo TX 78041
Providing and organizing community festivals featuring ...
YOUNG INVESTORS Chisholm, Juan Phillip 4509 Lake Lawne Avenue
Orlando FL 32808
Educational services, conducting classes, programs, retreats, ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. The invention concerns a computerized method of invalidating set-top box events. The method may include monitoring set-top box events, storing the set-top box events in a first array, calculating a first trend in the first array of set-top box events, invalidating the set-top box events which are one or more statistical outliers from the first trend, storing the invalidated set-top box events in a second array, and calculating a second trend in the second array of invaidated set-top box events, wherein invalidated set-top box events are revalidated and new set-top box event categories to be ignored are identified based on the second trend.