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(K)RIMINAL Advo(k)ate Advisors 6801 Cahaba Valley Road, Suite 206 Birmingham AL 35242 CRIMINAL;Consulting services to employer-sponsored retirement plans; fiduciary investment advice to employer-sponsored retirement plans; consulting services concerning assistance with regulatory compliance for employer-sponsored retirement plans; providing information for participants concerning employer-sponsored retirement plans and administrative support for employer-sponsored retirement plans;
BACKGROUNDSPLUS Demers, Janet PO Box 5342 West Lebanon NH 037845342 Criminal, past employment and education verification searches for employment and pre employment screening;

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Technical Examples
  1. Systems and methods for recognition learning of objects and their characteristics. The invention is a comprehensive system comprising methods and means of data access, nature assignment, and presentation. The user is able to automatically, selectively, and continually access a plurality of enhanced data sources comprising sex offender, terrorist, criminal, missing children, missing pet and other data. Following access to these data, the user may assign respective natures to object data that will affect presentation. The invention's means of automated presentation and entertaining rehearsal of object data results in recognition of objects wherein social utility is achieved. One example would be a child being able to recognize and avoid a threatening person such as a sex offender or criminal. Another example would be recognition of a missing child based on the methods of the invention. The systems operate with any means of information processing such as notebook computers, personal digital assistants, cell phones, and watches. Through the systems and methods of the invention, the objective of automated, learned recognition of socially relevant objects of interest is realized.