Brand Owner Address Description
GIRL GOURMET JAKKS Pacific, Inc. 22619 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu CA 90265
Art paper; artists' brushes; arts ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A submersible craft for water purification is provided. The submersible craft includes an annular hollow housing which contains a plurality of guide vanes for directing water flow through the housing when the submersible craft is submersed in a body of water and also a plurality of filters for filtering contaminants from the water. The craft includes a drive system and a navigation system for allowing a user control over thrust, depth and navigation through the body of water. Both the drive system and navigation system may be remote controlled by the user, or controlled by a pre-programmed guidance system mounted within the hollow housing. The submersible craft is powered by rechargeable batteries, which may be recharged by solar panels mounted on the craft, in order to minimize pollutants generated by the on-board systems of the craft.