Brand Owner Address Description
VIX SIN COUTURE Vivanco, Odette 15426 Las Vecinas Drive
La Puente CA 91744
retro and vintage inspired clothing, shirts, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Methods and apparatuses for aligning a person's center of gravity over the base of support using a weighted garment or orthotic are herein provided. These methods and apparatuses are particularly suited to individuals suffering from various balance or neurological disorders. The methods described herein involve the use of body positioning and perturbation techniques. These methods may be manual, computer assisted, or some combination thereof. In some variations, video recording equipment or other electronic equipment is used. The apparatuses of the present invention comprise a variety of weighted garments or orthotics. These garments or orthotics may take on any number of configurations. In some variations, the weighted garment or orthotic is a vest, in other variations, the weighted garment or orthotic is a brassiere, corset, shoulder pad, undergarment, belt, seating device to be used in combination with a wheelchair, tee shirt, body suit, or combinations thereof.