Brand Owner Address Description
CRASHED ICE Red Bull GmbH; Trademark Department Am Brunnen 1
A5330 Fuschl am See
Education, providing, arranging and conducting classes, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A sporting good structure including a frame and a target board with resilient straps attached at four lateral edges and being led and joined to a bracket unit of the frame so as to locate the target board onto the frame. The target board has a transparent hook side corresponding with a fleeced stick side of a sporting device such as a ball. The transparent hook side is mutually combined with a patterned layer with diagrams visible through the transparent hook side to provide a perspective visual effect. An outer surface of the patterned layer is coated with a protective film. When the sporting device hits onto the target board thereof, the resilient straps will be elastically stretched according to the impact generated providing an anti-shock effect for the sporting device to grip onto the transparent hook side of the target board in a secure manner. The diagram disposed at the patterned layer of the target board can also have various sporting backgrounds.