Brand Owner Address Description
MIX & MATCH CPI Card Group - Colorado, Inc. 10368 West Cemtennial Road
Littleton CO 80127
Computer software for designing, customizing, modifying, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A system and a method that utilizes transaction terminals equipped with smart card readers to download and store a batch of multiple prepaid electronic vouchers to a smart card, retrieve and decrypt individual prepaid vouchers from the smart card and print a voucher receipt with a printer in connection with the transaction terminal. The transaction terminals are in connection with a mobile transaction server that acts as a gateway to a prepaid system and routes transactions between transaction terminals and the prepaid system and between transaction terminals. A method for storing a voucher encryption key on a second smart card or hardware security module. The voucher encryption key is utilized to decrypt encrypted vouchers on a voucher repository smart card. The transaction terminals are mobile devices communicating to the mobile transaction server over wireless networks.