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CAMEDY Egge, Jesse 12172 S Hawks Rim Trl Parker CO 80134 COMEDY;On-line social networking services;
COMEDY STAR*THEATER Blumenreich, William 1 Loew Circle Milton MA 02186 COMEDY;nightclubs;
SUDDEN DEATH Rockwell, Thomas J 13 Carriage Lane Hamburg NJ 07419 Comedy, delivered on any medium including but not limited to rap music albums (CDs, tapes, records, etc;), videos, DVDs, cartoons, internet media (flash animations, MP3s or other sound formats, QuickTime movies, etc;), printed materials, and live performances;

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Technical Examples
  1. The transitional version of the inductive inference affective language analyzer is organized as a tandem nested expert system composed of a transitional language analyzer overseen by a master control unit-expert system that coordinates the transitional interchanges over time. The systematic organization of the transitional power hierarchy permits extreme efficiency in programming of the respective knowledge bases through the principles of inheritance: permitting a precise determination of the motivational level at issue during a given transitional interchange. The preferred mode of operation is the true AI simulation mode, utilizing a sentence generator for formulating responses judged for appropriateness by feedback through the decoding system. The decoding and simulation of the transitional power maneuvers permits an AI simulation of humor/comedy in the virtuous realm, criminality with respect to the domain of defect, and the role of AI mental health clinician employs the transitional power maneuvers targeting the vices of excess.