Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
COLORTECH U.P.D., Inc. 4507 South Maywood Avenue
Vernon CA 90058
Colour pencils; Coloured pens; Crayons; Erasers; ...
FLIP-TIP-ZIP COLOURS Bryce Investments Pty Ltd 350 Gipps Road
Paper; cardboard; art goods made from ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method of detecting a region having predetermined colour characteristics in an image comprises transforming colour values of pixels in the image from a first colour space to a second colour space, using the colour values in the second colour space to determine probability values expressing a match between pixels and the predetermined colour characteristics, where the probability values range over a multiplicity of values, using said probability values to identify pixels at least approximating to said predetermined colour characteristics, grouping pixels which at least approximate to said predetermined colour characteristics, and extracting information about each group, wherein pixels are weighted according to the respective multiplicity of probability values, and the weightings are used when grouping the pixels and/or when extracting information about a group.