Brand Owner Address Description
A ADAPT Adapt-Mobile Ltd 201 Clerkenwell WorkshopsGB
United Kingdom
Rechargeable alkaline batteries; power supplies, power ...

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Technical Examples
  1. As outermost coating-like layer(s) of charging roller(s) is or are made to contact and/or slide against photosensitive drum(s), charge is applied from the outermost coating-like layer(s) to the photosensitive drum(s), charging the photosensitive drum(s). This being the case, resistance of the outermost coating-like layer(s) of the charging roller(s) fluctuates, and surface(s) thereof become scratched and so forth, and gradually deteriorate. Moreover, if remedial action is not taken, charging capability of the charging roller(s) may decrease, leading to nonuniformity in charging of the photosensitive drum(s) and causing lowering of image quality and/or reduction in service life of the photosensitive drum(s). The outermost coating-like layer(s) of the charging roller(s) is or are therefore periodically stripped off therefrom to rejuvenate the charging roller surface(s).