Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
ACCESSBIDDING accessbidding, llc. 159 Wawayanda Ave
Middletown NY 10940
Advertising and business services, providing an ...
LOOGGA Sasnet Media Pty Ltd Level 3 , 8 Threadwell Road
Essendon North 3041
Ad serving, placing advertisements on websites ...
PLAYCARD Waatoodoo, Inc. 3000 Olympic Blvd., #2378
Santa Monica CA 90404
Advertising and business services, providing an ...
PLAYDATE Waatoodoo, Inc. 3000 Olympic Blvd., #2378
Santa Monica CA 90404
Advertisement via mobile phone networks; Advertising ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Computer assisted systems, methods and mediums for filling one or more orders. One embodiment of the present invention is a system that includes an order consolidation station configured to receive at least one bottle containing pills individually counted and/or at least one package containing pharmaceutical products without having been designated for any of the orders when the package was created and/or at least one literature pack optionally including patient specific information. The order consolidation station is further configured to combine automatically the received bottle and/or package and/or literature pack into a container to be sent to a recipient including, for example, mail order pharmacies, wholesalers and/or central fill dealers for subsequent distribution or sale including retailer distribution or sale. The bottle is specifically designated for the order, and the order generally includes at least one prescription for the package.