Brand Owner Address Description
BANANA SHPEEL The Dream Merchant Company Kft. 2nd Floor
Dohany utca 12
Clothing, wearing apparel and accessories, : ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A non-slip resilient unitary attachment designed for use on a standard wire hanger. The attachment is shaped or molded with a non-uniform diameter of a resilient rubber or foam rubber or similar material that will deform temporarily to lend itself to better retention of small to medium sized straps typically identified on woman's clothing i.e., camisoles, spaghetti-strapped tops, tank tops. The hanger attachment will be somewhat less than equal to the length of one of the shoulder support bars of the wire hanger. The hanger attachment will be split or cut longitudinally, half the diameter of the hanger attachment, with a tape-backed adhesive placed within the slit of the hanger attachment to close the slit and mechanically maintain its position without other restraints. Two hanger attachment units, left and right respectively, are required for each wire garment hanger