Brand Owner Address Description
LAX LAX Gadgets, Inc. 3189 Steinway Street
Astoria NY 11103
personal electronics accessories, carrying cases specifically ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method is designed to mount a removable restoration tooth on a natural tooth to be restored. The method involves the use of the standardized plastic inner crowns corresponding to the permanent teeth of a human, the standardized metal outer crowns corresponding to the plastic inner crowns, and the standardized abutment conformation devices corresponding to the plastic inner crowns. One of the devices is used as a reference in forming an abutment on the natural tooth. An abutment matrix is made to facilitate the dressing of the plastic inner crown, so as to make a metal inner crown according to the dressed plastic inner crown. The metal inner crown is mounted on the abutment. A metal outer crown corresponding to the plastic inner crown is fitted with the restoration tooth, which is mounted on the natural tooth such that the metal outer crown is fitted over the metal inner crown.