Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
M.CALL Telmetrics Inc. 2680 Skymark Avenue, Suite 900
Mississauga, Ontario L4W5L6
Call recording services, recording phone calls ...
MOBILE RECALL Computer Telephony Solutions, Inc. 7965 S. Priest Dr. #105
Tempe AZ 85284
Telecommunications services, providing the retrieval of ...
RELIABLE RECORDING Meert, Louis G III 4717 Deerwalk Avenue
Tampa FL 33624
Call recording services
VAC Global Tel*Link Corporation 2609 Cameron Street
Mobile AL 36607
Call recording services; Call screening services; ...
VERBATIMTPV Peterson, Mark 1582 Austin Ct.
Bonita CA 91902
Call recording services, the recording ...
VOXBRIDGE Tivilon, Inc. Second Floor
7 E Franklin St
Baltimore MD 21202
Call recording services; Providing voice communication ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Methods and systems are provided for monitoring calls routed to a telephone network voice mail system from a variety of remote telephone locations. When a subscriber receives a telephone call, a determination is made as to whether the subscriber's line is busy or whether the call goes unanswered. If remote call monitoring services are activated, a three-way communication is set up between the calling party, the voice mail system and the subscriber via a remote call monitoring directory number provided by the subscriber. The subscriber is patched into the call on a listen-only basis, but upon command by the subscriber, the subscriber may answer the call. The subscriber may set up a number of remote call monitoring filters, including an "always monitor" list, a "never monitor" list, and a schedule of days or times during which the subscriber allows or excludes remote call monitoring. Remote call monitoring services may be provided by a telephone services provider that is independent from the subscriber's home telephone services provider.