Brand Owner Address Description
ANNA BRINDLEY Brindley, Anna Gallagher 6614 Aintree Circle
6614 Aintree Circle
Dallas TX 75214
Boxer shorts; Camisoles; Children's and infant's ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An undergarment in the form of boxer shorts includes a concealed inside pocket on the front panel for holding valuables and other items such as, but not limited to, a credit card, a membership or I.D. card, paper and coin currency and keys. The pocket hangs freely on the inside of the boxer shorts and is secured to the front panel at a top open pocket mouth. A horizontal slit opening on the front panel, just below the waistband of the boxer shorts, communicates with the pocket mouth to permit placement and removal of the items carried in the pocket. A zipper or other closure mechanism is provided for securing the slit opening closed, thereby safely containing the items in the pocket. Opposing flaps along the horizontal slit opening on the outside of the front panel help to conceal the pocket mouth and closure mechanism.