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HIEN Shandong Haiyun Ecological Paper Co., Ltd. Siyuan Lake Industrial Park
Zhanhua County, Binzhou City,
Shandong Province,
Bowls, basins; Basins, bowls; Basins ...
LFT INDUSTRIA DE DISEÑO TEXTIL, S.A. (INDITEX, S.A.) Avenida de la Diputación,Edificio Inditex, Arteixo; E-15142 A Coruña
Advertising services; business management; business administration; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An animal water bowl assembly is maintained clean by allowing a bowl to dry out after a use period, before refilling. Uses include: birdbath and pet and farm animal watering. Two bowls can be coordinated so that one is in use with water while one is drying out. A two-faced assembly with oppositely facing bowls can automatically coordinate the steps for the two bowls. The process of filling a bowl, allowing it to be used, emptying it, filling another, allowing it to be used while the first dries out, can be automated with an actuator and a controller. An animal water bowl assembly has at least two bowls, with means for coordinating the filling and use and drying steps. As an example, a two faced bowl is rotatable around an axis. An electronic controller opens a valve to provide power to a hydraulic actuator, which flips the two faced bowl to empty the first and present the second for filling. Filling with water occurs automatically, also using water from the hydraulic source. Many versions only require a user to set a duration on a controller, during which time hydraulic power is provided, which duration is sufficient to flip and fill the two bowls of an assembly. Flipping and filling occur automatically at the right times. A user interface has a single valve, and a single cycle. The user sets a period for activation, and the duration that power is provided. More than two bowls can be used. Electromechanical, rather than hydraulic power can be used to actuate the assembly.