Brand Owner Address Description
GELLI ARTS Gelli Arts LLC 810 S. 8th Street
Philadelphia PA 19147
painting accessories, palettes, paint, ink, craft ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A bookbinding machine for processing inner books includes a transport system with a multiplicity of inner-book clamps continually movable in a closed continuous track. Each of the inner book clamps is articulated to a circulating roller chain and has a rear-edge stop for aligning the inner books. The bookbinding machine includes workstations that perform positionally accurate operations on the inner books including the application of glue, the application of reinforcement or gauze sections, the application of jackets, binding with wire stitches, the introduction of utilisation features (e.g. punched holes, tear-off perforations, etc.) and the like. The transport system of the inner-book clamps and at least one workstation are driven independently of one another. A measuring system for positional detection of the inner-book clamps or of the inner books is provided in proximity to the independently driven workstation. The measuring system provides inner book or clamp position data used to control the workstation performing positionally accurate operation on the relevant inner book.