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DANIEL HECHTER Aulbach Lizenz AG Grabenstrasse 15
7002 Chur
Textile fabrics of all kinds for ...
ELEVEN PARIS ELEVEN 50 rue Etienne MarcelFR
Fabric and textile goods not included ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A bolster plate apparatus, used to secure a semiconductor device intermediate a printed circuit board and a heat sink apparatus, includes either an indentation or an open aperture into which a radio frequency absorptive material may be disposed. The absorptive material may be a ferrite material specifically selected to absorb frequencies in the range of the second to fourth harmonic of the processor clock signal frequency. The type of the ferrite material implanted in the bolster plate is selected to maximize the absorption of radio frequency energy, particularly that emitted at the pad vias on the underside of the printed circuit board, without affecting the signal integrity of the other pad connections. The shape of the cutout or aperture is also defined by the arrangement of RF emitting pads on the underside of the printed circuit board. The open aperture, without any absorptive material, effectively increases the distance between the source of the radio frequency energy and the metal body of the bolster plate, thereby reducing the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the bolster plate and the electromagnetic interference generated thereby. Also disclosed is a method for reducing the radiated emission from an adjacent semiconductor device by selectively removing pads from the undersurface of the PCB board to effectively reduce the sources of the radio frequency energy, and, therefore the amount of RF energy capacitively coupled with RF energy metal body of the bolster plate.