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AFFORDABLE BENEFITS Multiple Benefit Services, Inc. 24 N. Merion Avenue, #356 Bryn Mawr PA 19010 BENEFITS;managed health care services providing discounted prescription drugs, chiropractic, hearing, vision and dental care;
AON BENEFITS SIDEKICK AON CORPORATION 200 East Randolph Street Chicago IL 60601 BENEFITS;Non-downloadable on-line software accessible via a mobile application for providing information about insurance options and aiding in insurance coverage decisions;
BEN E. FITS New Benefits, Ltd. 14240 Proton Road Dallas TX 75244 BENEFITS;consumer benefits, namely, administration of a discount program for enabling participants to obtain discounts on goods and services of others through the use of a discount membership card at the point of service for general healthcare supplies as well as roadside assistance, identity theft protection, legal assistance and financial planning tools;
BENEFITS CUBE USI INSURANCE SERVICES 100 Summit Lake Drive, Suite 400 Valhalla NY 10595 BENEFITS;Providing a web hosting platform for enabling employers to conduct open enrollment for employees' insurance benefits elections and facilitating consolidated billing for employers with respect to insurance services;
BENEFITS ESSENTIALS Censor, Martin A. 14105 68th Drive Flushing NY 11367 BENEFITS;providing information in the field of employee benefits via the internet;
BENEFITS EXCHANGE LIAZON CORPORATION 737 Main Street, Suite 200 Buffalo NY 14203 BENEFITS;Providing online non-downloadable software for managing employee benefit plans through an online website;
BENEFITS FAST BENEFITS INNOVATIONS 400 SKOKIE BLVD, STE 380 NORTHBROOK IL 60062 BENEFITS;Providing temporary use of a web-based software application for the preparation, processing, administration and management of Medicaid and Veteran's Administration benefit applications;
BENEFITS IN A FLASH BeneFix 117 S. West End Avenue, Third Floor Lancaster PA 17603 BENEFITS;Software as a service (SAAS) services, namely, hosting software for use by others for use in the employee benefits fields, namely, for the employee benefit application, quoting, and enrollment process, and for data analytics related to the same; Software as a service (SAAS) services, namely, hosting software for use by others for use in the quoting of employee benefits, enrollment facilitation, and for performing efficiency processes and data analytics in conjunction therewith;
BENEFITS LAUNCH Benefits Data Trust 1500 Market Street Suite #2800 1500 Market Street Suite #2800 Philadelphia PA 19102 BENEFITS;Software as a service (SAAS) services, namely, hosting software for use by others for use in applying for public benefits;
BENEFITS LOVE Evive Health 600 W. Van Buren Street, Suite 400 Chicago IL 60607 BENEFITS;Software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for use by employers to create and manage an employee benefits platform; Computer software development in the field of an employee benefits platform; Application service provider, namely, hosting, managing, developing, analyzing, and maintaining applications, software and web sites of others in the fields of employee benefits; Design and development of an interactive computer software for an employee benefits platform; Providing a web hosting platform for others in the field of employee benefits; Software as a service (SAAS) featuring software that provides employee benefit communications;
BENEFIX 2900084 CANADA INC. 1200, Chomedey Blvd., Office 1015 Laval (Quebec) H7V 3Z3 Canada BENEFITS; BENEFIT FIX;conducting employee incentive award programs to promote on the job productivity through the use of a management chart utilizing a system of bonus points;
BUCK BENEFITS CONDUENT BUSINESS SERVICES 100 Campus Dr., Suite 200 Florham Park NJ 07932 BENEFITS;Developing computer programs for others, namely, developing computer programs for storing and retrieving user data in the field of medical and insurance information, human resources information, and calendaring and appointments information;
INTEGRATED VALUE INTERNATIONAL LIVING FUTURE INSTITUTE 1501 E Madison St #150 Seattle WA 98122 Development of standards in the field of valuation of real estate based on both traditional market value and ecological and social costs and benefits;
PACIFICDENTAL BENEFITS PacificDental Benefits, Inc. Suite 800 1390 Willow Pass Road Concord CA 94520 BENEFITS;managed oral health care services;The stippling is a feature of the mark and does not indicate color.;
PAY IT FORWARD BestLife Benefits, Corp 10105 East Via Linda, Suite 218 Scottsdale AZ 85258 Benefits;Discount healthcare membership services;
POCKET BENEFITS Axcept Media 411 North Washington Avenue Minneapolis MN 55401 BENEFITS;Application service provider (ASP) featuring software for use to enable posting, displaying, sharing or otherwise providing employee benefits information, namely, information on health, retirement, and wellness over the Internet or other communications networks;
QUICK BENEFITS Benefits America 408 Kentmore Terrace Abingdon MD 21009 BENEFITS;Non-downloadable web-based insurance broker administration software to permit on-line enrollment and life-change event entries by clients, and billing, reporting and control functions by brokers;
VENEFITS Vensurance 12007 Research Blvd, Suite 201 12007 Research Blvd, Suite 201 Austin TX 78759 BENEFITS;Wellness and health-related consulting services; Health care services, namely, wellness programs;
YOUR BENEFITS NOW County of Los Angeles CEO, Poverty Alleviation Initiative 500 W. Temple St., Room 726 Los Angeles CA 91011 BENEFITS;Providing an interactive web site featuring technology that enables users to access information about and apply for insurance and other benefits products;

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Technical Examples
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