Brand Owner Address Description
SHIDIANYI Cai Xiaotong Jiguan Apartment,Baolun Farm Donglizu autonomous County,Ledong Hainan 572500 China [ Belts made out of cloth; ] Belts; Belts for clothing; [ Belts of textile; Fabric belts; Leather belts; ] Sashes; Sashes for wear; Waist belts [ ; Waistbands ];

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Technical Examples
  1. A belt assembly for securing the sitting and standing positions of an occupant of a vehicle has two lap belts which can be coupled to the vehicle and are brought together at an abdomen-side central buckle and which are swingable in parallel relation to the occupant's body and include retractors. Two length-adjustable body belts extend from the central lock across the torso, shoulders and back of the occupant, and two length-adjustable, loop-like leg belts are connected to length portions of the body belts, with the length portions at least indirectly connected to the lap belts. The body belts have buckle-distal ends which are fastened to the leg belts. The body belts cross at the back of the occupant and are connected there with one another. The belt assembly can be directly connected to a vest which can be suited to the body of the occupant via hook-and-loop fasteners.