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ENERGY STORAGE TECHNOLOGIES Energy Storage Technologies Inc. 16192 Costal Highway
Lewes DE 02703
Accumulators; Accumulators and batteries; Apparatus for ...
TINTEO Personal Sound SAS Centre de Microélectronique de Provence
F-13541 Gardanne
apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, ...
UE SOLAR UE SOLAR CO.,LTD. Wujin Hi-tech Industrial Zone
Accumulator boxes; Accumulator jars; Accumulators; Accumulators ...
VVT International Components Corporation 4 Westbrook Corporate Center
Suite 900
Westchester IL 60154
Batteries; apparatus for monitoring, testing, ...
YANGDEN Yu Jiang 1,Long Cheng Bei Rd.Longgang Center City
Shenzhen 518116
Accumulators and batteries; Apparatus for converting ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method and apparatus for charging batteries in a system of batteries. The method and apparatus involve producing a set of state of charge signals indicative of the states of charge of each battery in the system, successively identifying, from the state of charge signals, a most discharged battery in the system and applying a charging current to the most discharged battery for at least part of a first period of time less than a period of time required to fully charge the most discharged battery before identifying a succeeding most discharged battery in said system. The batteries are charged according to a dynamic charging sequence in which batteries are added into the charging sequence in order of increasing state of charge as batteries already in the charging sequence are charged to exceed the state of charge of a battery having the next higher state of charge relative to the state of charge of the batteries already in the charging sequence.