Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
BRIGHTKICK Upadhyaya, Ronak A 16254 Alpine Place
La Mirada CA 90638
Air quality measurement apparatus, particle counters; ...
ELEGANI Elegani LLC 96 Linwood Plaza, Unit 282
Fort Lee NJ 070243701
3D camera systems, adapters for allowing ...
MYZTUFF Creation Sea Limited 84 H-3, Fairview Park
Yuen Long, N.T.,
Hong Kong
Apparatus for recording and reproduction of ...
PELI Zhou, Hui #20
Shenzhen 510000
Adapter plugs; Amplifier for wireless communications; ...
ZEIMAX Zeimax LLC 1100 River Street, Unit 21
Ridgefield NJ 07657
Apparatus for recording and reproduction of ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An electrical floor access system (100) is provided so as to be accessible to the electrical equipment of an office system (50). The electrical system (100) includes a number of access floor modules (102) jpositioned beneath an access floor (30). The electrical system (100) also includes junciton block cables (104) and junction blocks (108) which can be connected the junction block cables (104). The junciton blocks (108) serve to provide electrical interconnection and mounting for electrical receptacles and similar devices for interconnection with electrical equipment. The access floor modules (102) are substantially interchangeable with each other, and the junction block cables (104) are substantially interchangeable with each other so as to provide an electrical system as a modular system adapted to be sized and configured in a manner which does not require any substantial number of different types and/or sizes of cables and other electrical equipment.