Brand Owner Address Description
ALBETTA ALBETTA CREATION LTD Cherry Tree House, Long Walk,Chalfont St. Giles; Bucks HP8 4AH
United Kingdom
footwear, scarves, clothing, children and infants ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention relates to a washing device for a baby bottle. According to the present invention, it is possible to automatically wash a bottle body, a nipple and a nipple cap of the baby bottle, and to dry and sterilize the baby bottle after washing thereof. Further, the baby bottle can be used in a convenient and sanitary manner since the baby bottle can be washed with only water, even outdoors. Furthermore, the baby bottle can be washed stably since there is provided a fixture capable of holding a bottle body or a nipple cap of the baby bottle to prevent them from being moved when the baby bottle is washed by injecting a washing liquid under high pressure. Since nozzle tube for injecting the washing liquid toward upper, middle and lower portions of the bottle body accommodated in a baby bottle washing chamber is integrally formed, the nozzle tube can be installed in a simple manner.