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QUILTER Quilter Labs, LLC 1700 Sunflower
Costa Mesa CA 92626
Amplifiers for guitar, bass guitar, other ...
QUILTER Quilter Labs, LLC 1700 Sunflower, Suite A
Costa Mesa CA 92626
amplifiers for guitar, bass guitar, other ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A handle for grasping by one hand and a neck with a fingerboard for fingering with the other hand for use by stringed instrument players. The fingerboard is correlated to a section of the fret-board of a conventional stringed instrument such as a guitar, bass, or banjo. The fingerboard has string ridges that provide a pressure-resistant feel to simulate playing the corresponding string instrument. Example embodiments include a fingering device for acoustic guitar players that is a portable, single piece of lightweight, molded foam, a similar fingering device that is correlated to an electric bass, and similar fingering devices that provide audible feedback by producing sounds based on the notes played.