Brand Owner Address Description
CC Candy & Candy Limited Thames House, Portsmouth Road
Esher, Surrey KT109AD
United Kingdom
advertising and marketing services; business management; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An outdoor cooking machine including a combination of horizontal and vertical smoker/grills. A vertical smoker/grill is connected to a horizontal smoker/grill by a tube with a damper. A variety of outdoor cooking techniques are provided, singly or in combination, by the outdoor cooking machine. Among these cooking techniques are: cold/slow smoking, hot smoking, steaming, double boiling, deep frying, stewing, food warming, spit/rotisserie cooking, conventional grilling, baking, an open firepit function, an outdoor fireplace function, and a tabletop function. Some cooking techniques use a single fire while others combine multiple fires from one or more smoker/grills to enhance and/or change cooking options.