Brand Owner Address Description
AGV DAINESE - S.P.A. Via dell'Artigianato, 35Molvena (VI)
Sport equipment, pads and guards for ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Disclosed is a snow sled with brake pedals that can be actuated operated either independently or cooperatively by foot pressure or by manual cable-brake control levers, to press the brake shoes into the snow surface over which the sled is traveling, thereby braking the sled. The brake pedals are pivotably suspended from the sled frame so that the rider's feet can rest upon them. The lower portions of the pedals form brake shoes extending downward and rearward from the foot rest portions of the pedals, such that the brake shoes can be pressed into the snow surface by applying foot pressure to the pedals. Alternatively, the brake pedals can be actuated by a bicycle-style cable-brake lever. Cable-biasing means is provided to keep the brake cable taut when the brake pedals have been partially actuated by foot pressure, so that the cable-brake system remains operatively effective at all times. The brake pedals may be interconnected by a bridging structure such that both pedals will tend to move toward the engaged position even when foot pressure is applied to only one pedal. Alternatively, the brake pedals may be independently operable, with separate cable-brake control systems.