Brand Owner Address Description
CREATIVE HITZ Creative Technology Ltd. 31 International Business Park
Singapore 609921
Electronic audio components, sound systems comprised ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Method and apparatus for playing analog audio in an electronic audio system having multiple audio codecs, only one of which has a direct hardware connection to the analog audio source. First analog audio data is received from the analog audio source at a first audio codec, and converted to digital audio data using the first audio codec. The digital audio data is stored in a memory, and read back from the memory, transferred to a second audio codec. The digital audio data is then converted to second analog audio data using the second audio codec, and output from the second audio codec. An audio controller may be used to store the digital audio data in a loopback buffer within the memory, read the digital audio data from the loopback buffer, and may further be programmed to operate in a prepare loopback state, a loopback running state, and a recording state.